500 million guests’ information may be compromised


Guam – If you’ve stayed at a Marriott Hotel Property since 2014, you may want to check you bank account. In September Marriott received an alert notifying the hotel chain an unauthorized third party was attempting to access its database. On November 19th, with the help of leading security experts, Marriott was able to determine that information on up to 500 million guests on their database may have been compromised.

For approximately 327 million guests, their names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, bank account information and passport numbers, may have been compromised. Marriott states that they use a two-part encryption system to prevent these types of breaches, but at this point, the company is not sure if both were compromised.

On Guam, the hotels part of the Marriott group include the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort and the Westin Resort Guam. Pacific Star Hotel, formerly Marriott, is locally owned and no longer part of the Marriott group. Hotel staff were unable to confirm or deny if information from the local hotels were part of the breach, but released the following statement: “We understand you may have questions about the security incident involving the Starwood guest reservation database. We ask you to visit info.starwoodhotels.com where you will find out more information concerning the incident, answers to your questions and steps you can take.” That is where PNC discovered the data for this report.

Marriott is providing guests the opportunity to enroll in WebWatcher free of charge for one year. WebWatcher monitors Internet sites where personal information is shared and generates an alert to the consumer if evidence of the consumer’s personal information is found. Webwatcher also provides fraud consultation services and reimbursement coverage for free.