$500 stimulus help ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ bill moved to voting file

Senator Amanda Shelton (file photo)

A local bill providing one-time $500 payments to qualified Guam families has been placed in the voting file of the current legislative session.

Called the ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ Help For Families Program Act or AIM Act, Bill 367-35 authored by Senator Amanda Shelton authorizes a one-time $500 payment to Guam families with young adult dependents and individuals with disabilities, many of whom were left out of an earlier federal stimulus package.

Under the bill, the payment will go to the head of household.

According to Sen. Shelton, it is common for families on Guam to support young adult children pursuing their post-high school education and carry them as dependents for tax purposes. Yet thousands of families have not received a cash stimulus payment for dependents age 16 and over.

By Shelton’s count, about 4,000 students in the Guam Department of Education and nearly another 4,000 students at the Guam Community College and University of Guam are qualified dependents of their parents. Many other families also care for and carry as dependents adult relatives with disabilities.

“These families were overlooked or excluded by law from the earlier federal stimulus package. ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ Help For Families Program corrects that,” Shelton said in a news release.

She added: “In these uncertain times family is more important than ever. We all understand the call for us to take care of one another and we cannot leave anyone behind.”

Five of Shelton’s colleagues have signed on as ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ co-sponsors.

‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ Help For Families Program, if signed into law, will be administered by the Department of Revenue Taxation.