Most of those who contracted dengue have recovered

Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Linda DeNorcey is looking for new office space for DPHSS.
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Although there have been 13 locally contracted cases of Dengue fever on island and 7 imported ones, no one has been hospitalized from the disease and there have been no fatalities.

Public health officials told the Pacific News Center that none of the cases have been complicated and most have already recovered.

However prevention efforts continue and Public health officials say they have ordered five thousand mosquito nets to help protect those who live in substandard housing, who may be vulnerable to mosquito exposure.

The Centers for Disease Control and other health organizations provided the funding for the nets.

Linda DeNorcey, director of DPHSS, said: “Next week … actually, any time this week … we’re waiting for 5,000 OFF repellents and I was already contacted by the Ocean company that they also will be arriving. So with that, that’s about 5,000 OFF repellents and we’re also going to be getting lotions and we’ll be delivering it to these high-risk areas.”

Public Health says that they will continue to monitor the presence of the disease until it has been eradicated from the island.

“As of November 15, 2019 we’ve had a total of 225 tests that have been done for the PCR. And with that, we’re very fortunate that only 20 have been infected, which is 8.8% or 9% so far. And we’re at day 33 on the countdown and we’re trying to reach zero. If there are no other infections at that time and we reach zero with no further infections, we can say that we’ve intercepted the transmission of dengue,” De Norcey said.

According to DeNorcey, there have been no recorded deaths as a result of the disease or any cases with complications.