53 Year Old Staff Member at Kamalen Karidat Stabbed in Arm Thursday Night; 3 Arrested


Guam – Acting Guam Police Spokeswoman Sgt. Liz Flickinger reports that a staff member at Kamelin Kiridat in Hagatna was stabbed Thursday night about 6pm after refusing entry to 3 men who appeared intoxicated.

Sgt.  Flickinger reports that the victim,  a 53 year old man, was taken to GMH for treatment.

The incident happened about 6pm when, Sgt. Flickinger reports, “three male Chuukese, John Does, all homeless, were refused entry” because of what she said was “their intoxicated state.”

Sgt. Flickinger reports that the 3 “got belligerent and a physical altercation ensued” and one of the 3, later identified as “Stony” Jackson Walter, “brandished a knife stabbing one of the staff,” said Flickinger.  

All three suspects were later located and arrested outside the Mermaid Tavern. And a knife was recovered from Walter, says Sgt. Flickinger. The two other suspects have been identified as Junior Simon and Harvey Kansou.





READ the release from Sgt. Flickinger below: 

9/26/2013.  6 pm
Kamelin kiridat hagatna

For your information. Victim was  transported to gmh for treatment. Suspects will all be booked and confined.

Three male Chuukese, John Does, all homeless were refused entry to said location due to their intoxicated state by the staff, which has been and ongoing policy.

The three got belligerent and a physical altercation ensued.  One of the three Chuukese,(S)”Stony” Jackson Walter, brandished a knife stabbing one of the staff,

(V) Male Caucasian, age: 53 years, who suffered a puncture to his right  arm.  All three suspect were later located and apprehended by Mermaids Tavern and knife recovered on stabbing suspect.  The two other suspects verbally identified themselves as, (S)Junior Simon and (S)Harvey Kansou.

Sgt liz