550 Roosevelt Sailors have now tested positive for COVID-19


As of Saturday, April 11, 550 sailors from the USS Roosevelt had tested positive for COVID-19.

All of them remain in isolation on Naval Base Guam

The U.S. Navy’s blog site reports that 3,673 other sailors have tested negative. Most of them are now lodged in various Guam hotels under military guard where they will remain until their two week quarantine is over

In all 92% of the aircraft carrier’s crew have been tested.

Of the roughly 4,800 members of the aircraft carrier’s crew, 3,696 of them are now ashore, while the just over a thousand others remain on board to carry out essential maintenance and readiness duties.

The Saturday post on the Navy blog site also states:

“The statistics on USS Theodore Roosevelt crew members have changed to reflect diagnostic COVID-19 testing results.”

“The percentage of crew members tested has been updated to accurately reflect the number of individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 with diagnostic testing.”

“Previous data included surveillance testing results in addition to diagnostic testing results. Additionally, some Sailors were tested more than once during the testing period.”