5th Port Employee Fired Over Alleged Conspiracy Wins Case Before CSC


The lost cases have already cost the government nearly $609,900 dollars in back wages

Guam – Another port employee fired over an alleged conspiracy two years ago has won her case before the civil service commission. CSC Board Members this week voted five to two to reinstate Francine Rocio to her previous position at the Port Authority of Guam.

Rocio was among the seven employees accused of helping then Port Marketing Manager Bernadette Stern Meno fraudulently claim worker’s compensation benefits.

With Rocio’s reinstatement, five of the employees have now won their cases. However the port has appealed the cases for Frances Arriola, Jose B Guevera, Leonora Leon Guerrero and Josette Javelosa so those employees have not yet returned to work.

In addition to reinstating the former employees, the CSC has also directed the port to pay back pay for the time the employees have been out of work. Staffing patterns indicate that that would cost the government close to $609,900 dollars for the two years of back pay.

Meanwhile the sixth former employee, Vivian Castro Leon is expected to have the merits on her case heard later this month. Meno isn’t scheduled to have her case heard until March of 2016.