5th School Counselor Conference Centers On Collaboration


Guam- The 5th annual Department of Education (DOE) and Guam Association of School Counselors (GASC) conference is being held at the Fiesta resort.

Student Support Services Division Administrator Chris Anderson says their primary goal is to come back to the American School Counselor Association or ASCA model. He explains it’s important to see how business and evaluations in schools are done in the counseling world and how it affects students.

“One of our major objectives is to have them revisit this model” said Anderson. “And be all supportive of the fact that this is what is going to be used to help chart how they work with students in the schools.”

Both Anderson and GASC President Dr. Josephine Calaug say part of the challenge counselors face is that 80% of their time is spent on scheduling, instead of just guiding students and offering other services. They say this challenge ties into this year’s theme of reaching out to the community.

“Our theme this year is school-home-community collaboration” remarked Calaug. “And as a child brings a lot of issues to school, we want to address that. Not only individually, but the whole community.”

The conference started on Monday and ends tomorrow, September 15.