6 candidates pick up packets for political office


    It is an election year and today (Tues) marked the official beginning of the election season as it is the first day that candidates can pick up packets at the Guam Election Commission. As of the writing of this article 6 candidates have already picked up packets and numerous others have filed organizational reports.

    Guam – “Starting today, January 2nd, 2018 candidate packets are now available for pickup and as of this morning 3 packets have been picked up so we’re excited we’re excited for the new election cycle which now has begun,” said GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan. This number however had grown to six by the afternoon.

    The six candidates who picked up packets were James Moylan for Senator, Incumbent Wil Castro for Senator, DOC Deputy Director Kate Baltazar for Senator, Benny Servino for Senator, Jack Hattig III for Senator and Ray Tenorio for Governor.

    So, what’s in the packet? “All the forms that they need, and it has a candidate handbook that tells them what are all required for them to get on the 2018 primary election ballot,” said Pangelinan. The packet also contains nominating petitions. Candidates for Governor or Lt. Governor will need 500 signatures from registered voters. Candidates for senator need 250 valid signatures. “Candidate packets will start being accepted here at the Guam Election Commission on April 17th. So, they have between April 17th and June 26th to turn in packets,” said Pangelinan.

    Meanwhile there are several candidates who have already filed organizational reports. “Organizational reports bring to the commission the information on who their campaign chairperson is who their treasurers are and anytime the requirement to file a candidate organizational report is triggered by either receiving contributions of over 250 dollars or spending for the new campaign up to 250 dollars or beyond,” said Pangelinan. Once they receive or spend 250 dollars or more they must file an organizational report within 10 working days.

    The following candidates have filed their organizational reports:

    Michael F.Q. San Nicolas – Senator

    Team Sunshine 2018 (Carl T.C. Gutierrez) – Governor,

    Committee to Elect Raymond S. Tenorio – Governor,

    Committee to Elect Dennis G. Rodriguez Jr. 2018 – Undeclared

    Committee to elect Leon Guerrero/Tenorio – Governor/Lt. Governor

    Jaydeen Catherine Dela Cruz – Senator

    Committee to Elect Amanda Blas – Senator

    Committee to Elect Thomas Morrison – Senator

    Friends for Therese Terlaje – Senator

    Friends for Jim Espaldon – Senator

    Benjamin J.F. Cruz – Senator

    Committee to Elect Telena Cruz Nelson – Senator

    Committee to Elect Regine Bisco Lee – Senator

    Committee to Elect Aguon/Limtiaco for Governor/Lt. Governor

    Committee to Elect Jack Hattig III – Senator

    Committee to Elect James C. Moylan – Senator

    Committee to Re-elect Joe S. San Augustin – Senator

    Revitalize Guam – Political Action Committee

    Out of the candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor so far the team of Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio have reported the most campaign contributions at $108,766.72. Next is the team of Frank Aguon Jr. And Alicia Limtiaco who have reported a total of $84,437.79 in contributions. Finally, the Committee to Elect Ray Tenorio for Governor reported a grand total of $56,380 in contributions.

    As of news time Ray Tenorio picked up a packet for Governor. The primary is on Saturday August 25th and the general is on Tues. November 6.