36 Year Old Woman Dead, At least 7 Others Injured, Including 5 Marines in 2 Car Collision in Yigo


Guam – One woman was killed and at least 7 other people, 5 of them Marines, were injured  in a 2 car collision in Yigo on Sunday afternoon.

The accident occurred about 2:30 pm in the southbound lane of  Route 1 across the street from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.

A white 2008 Nissan Sentra and a blue 1993 Chevy Suburban collided.

Guam Fire Lt. Ed Artero reported CPR was being performed on the woman as she was rushed to the hospital. GMH Nursing Supervisor Cely Mangroban said the woman was pronounced dead at GMH about 3:20 Sunday afternoon.  She said the woman had been “thrown from the vehicle.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Guam Police identified her as 36 year old Rebecca Lynn Duenas San Agustin of Yigo. Her death marks the 5th traffic fatality on Guam this year.

According to a statement from Marine Lt. Col. Aisha Bakkar, the 5 Marines involved in the accident are from Marine Aircraft Group-12 and were  participating in Exercise Geiger Fury 2012. All 5 were released from Naval Hospital Monday morning.

Lt. Col. bakker stated in her release: “While the cause of the tragic accident is unknown and under investigation, our thoughts, prayers and condolences of all the Marines on Guam go out to the family and friends of the deceased and the injured.”

At the scene about 4:30 Sunday afternoon, traffic was still being diverted as Guam Highway patrol conducted their investigation.

The Nissan’s front end was crushed, the windshield was shattered. The vehicle had come to a stop sideways in one of the southbound lanes with all 4-doors flung open, de-flated air bags hanging out. The Suburban’s right side was damaged. It came to a rest in a ditch, leaning on its side, just ahead of the Nissan.

Acting GPD Lt. Mike Aguon said  the suburban had been traveling north on Route 1 and was turning left into Tun Josen Diego Road, crossing over the southbound lanes of Route 1, when the southbound Sentra, broadsided it.

The 5 injured Marines were in the Sentra.  6 other people, including the woman who died, were in the Suburban. GPD Lt. Artero says 8 people were taken to Naval Hospital, 3 were taken to GMH.


Beyond the woman who died, GMH Nursing Supervisor Eustaquio said one other man was admitted to GMH from the Yigo accident. His injuries were still  under examination and she did not have a condition report on him as of 8 pm Sunday.

Navy PIO Coleen San Nicolas Perez says 6 people were admitted to Naval Hospital,  the 5 Marines and one civilian. She said all of them were in stable condition Sunday night. The 5 Marines were released Monday morning.

In all,  the total number of injured admitted to hospital was 7, 1 injured at GMH, 6 at Naval Hospital.

GFD Lt. Artero said the 911 call came into GFD about 2:50 pm. GPD Lt. Aguon reports Guam Police got a call at 2:26 pm.

Lt. Artero and GFD Units E10, M10, M1, ALS2, R1, R2 all responded. A Navy Medic was also on the scene and provided assistance.

2012 Traffic Related Accident on Guam

1. Sunday, January 29, Merizo: Motorcycle / Object Crash on Rt.4 at the Merizo Bridge.
The operator of a 2009 SYM RV 250 Scooter heading south attempted to across over the first of two one lane bridges in Merizo.  Instead of using the two way traffic lane, the operator attempted to drive through the closed southbound lane hitting a concrete roadblock.  It appeared the scooter landed on the operator.  62-year-old Douglas Croy of Yona died of a fracture neck at the Guam Memorial Hospital.  Guam Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

2. Thursday March 22, Harmon Loop:  Auto/Pedestrian
47 year old Jimena C. Baguyo of  Harmon was killed about 10 pm as she was trying to cross Harmon Loop Toad by the soccer field  and the Harmon Loop Sunset Garden. The 1996 Nissan pickup that hit her fled the scene.  Police later arrested 22 year old Michael Junior Mantanona Meno of  Inarajan who turned himself in. He was arrested for DUI, DUI with Injuries, Vehicular Negligence, expired drivers license, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, leaving the scene of an accident without providing personal information, and failure to provide assistance.  

3.  Wednesday, April 11, Asumbo Gardens:
18 year old Gerald I. Pereira of Astumbo fell from the back of a moving 1992 Toyota pickup with a converted flatbed. The vehicle was being driven by a 17-year-old boy along Kamute Loop in Astumbo Gardens. Pereira was 1 of 4 people in the back of the flat-bed. GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia said that Pereira placed his foot on the exposed tire causing him to be pulled off the bed and onto the pavement. He died 3 days later at GMH from head trauma.

4.  Tuesday, April 17, Rt.14, Pale San Vitores at Fountain Plaza, Tumon (Auto/Pedestrian):
Dolores Leon Guerrero was struck and killed as she was crossing San Vitores Road  shortly before midnight. Leon Guerrero was a resident of  Guama Tran Kila Dot. She was struck by a 2005 Susuki SL Wagon traveling east on Route 14. The driver of the Susuki stopped and provided assistance. No charges were filed against him.