61-year old Man Suing GMH After Leg is Amputated


Guam – 61-year old Tomio Kikuchi is suing Guam Memorial Hospital alleging that they improperly dressed his fractured ankle leading to his leg being amputated.  

A 61-year-old man is suing Guam Memorial Hospital for improperly dressing his fractured ankle, ultimately leading to GMH having to cut off his leg to save his life.


According to court papers, On September 1st, 2012 after suffering a fall at his home, Tomio Kikuchi was taken to Guam Memorial Hospital’s emergency room and was examined by GMH physicians. The ER physician at the time determined that Kikuchi had a fractured ankle and wrapped Kikuchi’s ankle in a short splint. GMH then advised Kikuchi to visit private physician Dr. Jan Bollinger. On September 4th, Kikuchi visited Dr. Bollinger who determined that his leg had become infected due to the lack of padding within the fiberglass cast that was applied by GMH. Concerned over the severity of the infection, Dr. Bollinger then advised Kikuchi to report back to GMH. When Kikuchi returned, he ended up staying for entire month. During his stay at GMH, doctors deemed the antibiotics were no longer working and GMH physicians advised that if he did not have his leg amputated, he could die because of blood poising throughout his body. Kikuchi is suing GMH for medical expenses incurred as well as his inability to work due to the amputation. GMH has denied allegations that they are responsible for infection.

Rosalie Kikuchi, Kikuchi’s wife, is also suing, claiming emotional damages as a result of her husbands ordeal.// both parties are due back in court November 19th at 10 a.m. Attached is the lawsuit.