67 flights from Korea to Guam cancelled this month


67 scheduled flights to Guam from Korea this month have been cancelled in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Guam International Airport Authority Marketing Administrator Rolenda Faasuamalie reports that as of Wednesday afternoon, Korean Air had cancelled 27 flights from Incheon to Guam that were scheduled to fly here between February Feb. 14 and March 1.

During the same period, Jin Air cancelled 13 Incheon flights, and another 17 flights from Busan.

And Jeju Air cancelled 4 Incheon flights, and 6 flights from Muan, also scheduled to come to Guam during the last two weeks of this month.

That adds up to a loss of 1,152 potential visitors based on the maximum seat capacity of each cancelled flight.

Faasuamalie said she could not at this time put a dollar figure on the loss of landing fees for the airport.