6th annual UOG Film Festival goes virtual


The 6th annual UOG Film Festival has gone virtual so audiences can view and vote for their favorite student films from the comfort of their homes.

The UOG Film Festival usually takes place every spring semester, but due to the pandemic, the event ended up being canceled.

It wasn’t until the fall semester and through a class project of hosting an event, taught by Dr. Lilnabeth Somera, that the students from the CO410 Public Relations and Public Events class used this opportunity to revive the UOG Film Festival.

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One of the students, senior undergrad Marilea “Mari” Tocelino, talks about the theme as well as what to expect with the festival’s first virtual event.

“You know, we’re all at home, we’re chilling on our couches, just chill in’ at home and the idea of cozy cinema basically came from that. The showcase will basically consist of four film categories. Two of the categories are specifically alumni work, so we’ve looked through our archives of projects and we picked out some of the best alumni work that have been produced by communication graduates. The other two categories will be featuring work produced within the last academic year — that’s from fall 2019 to spring 2020,” Tocelino said.

She added: “So we’re very excited to showcase them and hopefully show the public what our program has to offer and what the students are able to create.”

Audiences will be invited to vote for their favorite films and determine the winners. An award ceremony will then follow, featuring the presentation of awards, winners’ speeches, judges’ feedback, and speaking with filmmakers.

Additionally, this year’s film festival will have a donation drive. Partnering with the UOG Endowment Foundation, there will be an option for audiences to donate via the endowment website.

The event is free but donations are encouraged as the proceeds will go to funding the communication program. This will give students the opportunity to go to off-island conferences, allow the program to buy tools for equipment maintenance, update its equipment, and more.