Out-Gater Crackdown; 7 Boys Arrested In “Operation Trailblazer”


Guam – The Guam Police Department’s Juvenile Investigation Section is calling it “Operation Trailblazer”. And they have arrested 7, not 5, boys in their ongoing investigation aimed at stopping truancy and criminal mischief at FB Leon Guerrero Middle School.

FB Leon Guerrero Middle School Interim Principal Erika Cruz says, “The Guam Police Department’s Juvenile Investigation Section met with school officials last Friday. She says they wanted to get specific information of the numerous incidents of truancy and criminal mischief occurring at the middle school. Cruz says since then the school has been working closely with JIS’s investigation.

Cruz says, “We tried to comply with the request with juvenile investigation to provide names of students and at this point I don’t know their investigation, I’m only familiar with the investigation that the school have completed.”

JIS Police officer III Dennis Santos says the reports that were given to JIS explained that a group of students were truant and skipping classes in the jungle beyond the fence line behind the school.

Santos says sections in the area behind the fence had several trails and a camp sight. The students would be hanging out there and throwing rocks onto the school campus causing a disruption within FBLG.

JIS launched Operation Trailblazer to find out what is actually taking place at the middle school.

As of today, JIS has a total of 7 minors that have been taken into custody and have been charged. Some of them actually have been given notices to appear in court, however, the majority of them have been turned over to the Department of Youth Affairs.

According to Cruz, this week has been uneventful and there have not been any “Outgater” sightings.

Cruz says, “This whole week, I have not seen any “Outgaters”, I know that our facilities and maintenance have repaired the back side of the fence. This whole week it has been quiet and there hasn’t been any sighting of kids skipping outside of the gate.”

According to Santos, JIS began taking minors into custody as early as Tuesday of this week.
He added he would not release the names and the ethnicity of the minors, but some of them were charged with terroristic conduct, aggravated assault, public drunkenness, illegal consumption of alcohol and criminal mischief. Santos says during this investigation, not only are they identifying the so called “Outgaters”, but they are also uncovering crimes that were committed and reported to GPD prior to this investigation

Santos says, “For example there were three reported burglaries of Machananao elementary school, which we uncovered and we do now know who were responsible for it, we’ve also uncovered aggravated consult complaints which had been filed by students of FBLG who were hit with rocks thrown by these students.”

Santos adds that the majority of the kids that they have found, so far are students that have already been suspended and they can find them at their home. Santos says Operation Trailblazer is currently ongoing at this point and they are not stopping until they find everyone connected to these crimes.