7 More Businesses Take Hafa Adai Pledge


Guam – Another 7 island business signed up to take the Guam Visitor Bureau’s Hafa Adai Pledge Friday.


The pledge is part of GVB’s branding initiative. Its a commitment to introduce into the workplace the unique practices of Chamorro culture and language. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up.

GVB Assistant General Manager Ernie Galito explains its all about re-enforcing Guam’s Unique Cultural Identity. The pledge could be as simple as asking your employees to answer the phone by saying “Hafa Adai.”


Those signing the Hafa Adai Pledge Friday were the Agana Shopping Center, the Galaide Group, Guam Community College, Kloppenburg Enterprises, Money Resources, Payless Supermarkets and Ruder Marketing.

21 businesses have now signed up for the Hafa Adai Pledge

If your business is interested in signing up,  you can do so by contacting the Guam Visitors Bureau.