7-year-old boy found after getting separated from hiking group

(Photo courtesy GFD)

At 4:38 pm Monday afternoon, Guam Fire Department units received a report of a missing 7-year-old that was part of a hiking group of 20 people that included 14 minors and 6 adults.

According to GFD spokesman Kevin Reilly, the boy became separated with the rest of the group that was hiking to Sigua Falls from Channel 10.

Two of the members of the hiking group went to look for the boy.

After waiting for a while, the boy decided to head towards Leo Palace to get help. Upon his exiting the trail, a GPD officer spotted him and brought him to Leo Palace. He was checked by GFD personnel for injuries.

Using cell phone communications and GPS coordinates, rescue personnel located the final two members of the hiking party and escorted them to the trail head.

The boy and his mother have been reunited. She was one of the two hikers that went to search for the boy.

Rescue personnel had to navigate the rugged trail during a torrential downpour to reach the victims and escort them to safety, said Reilly.

According to GFD, the entire hiking party is in good health and no emergency health care was needed.

All members of the hiking party were escorted safely out of the trails without incident. The boy and his mother (one of the two hikers that went to search for the boy) have been reunited.

Firefighter Jarred Leon Guerrero secures equipment after a successful rescue mission.. (Photo courtesy GFD)