ROD Will Trigger Release of $700M For Construction Projects on Guam


Guam – The Record of Decision is scheduled for signature by September 21st Guam time.


It’s signature should trigger the release of nearly $700 million dollars in military construction contracts. According to Naval Facilities Engineering Commander Capt. Peter Lynch this $700 million dollars worth of contracts is slated for 2010.

This money will go towards a new military working dog kennel on Naval Base Guam, defense access roads, upgrades to some naval wharfs, various upgrades to Andersen Air Force base and infrastructural improvements on base.

“Infrastructure improvements both at Finegayan some at Andersen and some on the big navy base so their utilities systems road emplacements and other aspects of infrastructure communication ducts and things like that at both the cantonement area on Finegayan today some work for utilities and infrastructure there’s a gate and other things up on Andersen and then there’s some back boat utility work that’s down at Apra harbor,” said Capt. Lynch.

He added that there are other projects that are pending funding from Japan and will be held in abeyance until they have a better understanding of how the Government of Japan will fund the projects. Particularly, whether through loans or grants.