78 Year Old In Critical After Slipping and Falling At McDonald’s


Guam – A 78 year old man is in critical condition at Naval Hospital after slipping and falling at McDonald’s in Hagatna Tuesday.

Navy PIO Coleen San Nicolas Perez denied a report in another media that the man had died. And she said it was also incorrect that he was involved in a traffic accident. He was not, she said.

Following the man’s admission to Naval Hospital, San Nicolas said the Doctor who treated the man did have a conversation with the Emergency Medical Technicians who brought the man in, and that is standard she said. In addition she said no complaint was filed by Naval Hospital regarding the lack of use of a neck brace to stabilize the patient while he was transported to Naval Hospital.

Meanwhile, Guam Fire Spokesman Joey San Nicolas said he has looked into the matter and acknowledged that the EMT crew did not have a C-collar on hand to stabalize the man’s neck,  but San Nicolas said “manual in-line stabilization” was performed.