7th Micronesia Non-Profit Congress starts tomorrow


Non-profit organizations are invited to participate in the two-day conference at the Westin Resort Somnak Ballroom.

Guam – Every year, Payu-ta Inc., along with WestCare Foundation, Sanctuary Inc., and other organizations put together a non-profit congress for organizations throughout the region.

Payu-ta is the umbrella association for non-profit organizations on Guam. The membership organization is holding its 7th Micronesia Nonprofit Congress — a two-day conference focusing on ideas and strategies that can be implemented in organizations, which includes not just the 30 to 40 non-profits on Guam, but organizations in the Pacific region. This year’s theme is “By Us, For Us, Within Us.”

The keynote address will be delivered by Emele Duituturaga, the Executive Director of the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, or PIANGO, based in Fiji. “For the last four congress meetings, we’ve participated. This is the first time that we’re actually having a two-day workshop prior to the Nonprofit Congress. And the purpose for that is that we are looking to provide more support to our national members, and we’re looking to establish a Micronesian sub-regional hub to provide services to our members in the North Pacific,” Duituturaga told PNC. “We find that a lot of our members and their members face leadership challenges, they have limited resources, and yet the social problems are increasing.”

Duituturaga adds that she is seeing significant changes because of the conferences, saying “I’m very confident and I’m very pleased to be able to support a movement. What I see is a movement of NGO and civil society leaders who are committed to work together to provide more services, and especially to engage with their governments to ensure that quality of lives of the citizens of their countries are improved.”

The conference will be held at the Westin Resort Guam Somnak Ballroom Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some of the issues on the agenda include climate change and sea bed mining. Executive Director of Sanctuary Incorporated of Guam, Theresa Arriola, is inviting all non-profit organizations and their representatives to participate in the Nonprofit Congress.

Arriola said in an interview with PNC, “It’s an opportunity for non-profits to come together and talk about issues that we’re very concerned about in governance and in our relationships with the government, relationship with partnerships and corporations… We have a lot of challenges when it comes to funding and resources, but together, I think we can collaborate and partner and leverage all the resources we have… There is a $50 fee per day ($100), but we understand non-profits are always struggling. But through our fine sponsors, we’re able to issue out scholarships for non-profits who can’t afford fee.”

Non-profit organizations who are interested in participating in the 7th Micronesia Nonprofit Congress scheduled for April 26 and 27 must register by today. The conference will be at the Westin Resort Somnak Ballroom. Lunch will be included. The website to register is npc2017.eventbrite.com, or you can call Sanctuary at 475-7101 or West Care 472-0218.