9 New Foreign National Enter the Island


The island saw new visitors through the back door this morning.

Customs and Quarantine Director Ike Peredo told PNC that earlier today 9 foreign nationals were spotted at Pago Bay. According to the Guam Police Department, Central Precinct officers responded to a suspicious activity call within the vicinity of Bordallo overlook along Route 4 in Yona.

GPD says that officers located several individuals of Asian descent walking along route 4 towards Pago Bay.

The individuals, a total of 3 women and 6 men, appeared soiled with sand, dirt, along with wet clothing.

Officers directed them off of the roadway and requested assistance from both GPD’s Special Operations Division and Guam’s Customs and Quarantine’s Special Enforcement Division.

Guam CQA Special Division Officers have assumed the investigation, and no further details were given as of this broadcast.

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