A $126.8M DOLLAR HOLE: The Calvo Administration’s List of Un-Funded Liabilities


Guam – The  Administration’s Communications Director Troy Torres has provided the following list of GovGuam’s unfunded liabilities which add up to $126.8 million dollars.


Existing and potential liabilities not programmed into the Cash Flow Projection submitted to the Transition Committee on December 21, 2010 by DOA.

COLA Judgement                                                                  23,100,000

GMHA/DOE- Retirement Fund Contribution                         11,350,000

Merit Bonus                                                                            1,550,978

Law Enforcement                                                                    6,323,691

Health Insurance                                                                   13,800,000

Hay Unclassified                                                                     5,500,000

Interfund Borrowings                                                              9,612,326

MWTP (subject to DRT confirmation)                                 55,567,500

Agency liabilities, including DOE                                             Unknown

TOTAL:                                                                             126,804,495