A full cannabis control board to meet soon

The first medical cannabis board finally convened on Wednesday, April 10, shown above. The cannabis control board will be meeting next. (PNC photo)

Guam – There is progress in the regulated adult-use of marijuana statute. All the seats on the cannabis control board are now filled by community representatives, according to a release from the Governor’s Office.

First-time Senator Clynt Ridgell rolled out legislation that permits the regulated adult-use of marijuana. He took the conversation a step further than just medicinal by authorizing the creation of a separate cannabis control board.

Three community members now fill the remaining seats on the board, alongside 6 current members representing various GovGuam agencies and branches.

According to a release out of the administration, Ursula Herrera – a herbalist and owner of ChamGlam Botan-ica has been chosen to represent the local business community – Attorney Vanessa Williams and William Parkinson will both represent the general public. Parkinson, in particular, represents medical cannabis card holders.

Meanwhile, 6 GovGuam agency heads are also seated on the board:

  • Department of Revenue and Taxation Director Dafne Shimizu;
  • Department of Agriculture Director Chelsa Muna-Brecht;
  • Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Linda DeNorcey;
  • Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center Director Therese Arriola;
  • Guam Visitors Bureau President and CEO Pilar Laguana, and;
  • Guam Police Department Chief Steven Ignacio.

The location, date, and time of first cannabis control board meeting will be publicly announced at a later date. Before its impanelment, another cannabis-related body,  the medical cannabis board, finally convened on Wednesday, April 10.

Guam’s first Maga’haga Lou Leon Guerrero sparked the start of a potential industry for Guam with her passage of the Cannabis Industry Act of 2019.

She said, “Now that adult-use cannabis is legal, the process of establishing an industry begins and the Cannabis Control Board will be responsible for regulating all that the law prescribes. Our Government agencies and our public members have an important role to set the framework for Guam’s newest industry and to ensure that we carry this out safely and responsibly for our community.”

With the  board now complete, they will be tasked with promulgating rules and regulations on the possession, use, sale, processing and distribution of cannabis products, levying fines and penalties, enforcement of rules and regulations and issuance of licenses, among other duties and responsibilities.

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