A.G. can’t look into possible ethics violations by DPW for heavy equipment usage


The Attorney General has written a letter to the Public Auditor saying that they can’t look into potential ethics violations at this time by DPW for the alleged personal usage of heavy equipment because there is currently no ethics commission. 

Guam –  The Attorney General’s office says it can not look into the alleged ethical violations by the Department of Public Works for it’s handling of heavy equipment and related parts inventory.

The allegations stem from a report by the the Office of Public Accountability of potential fraud and misuse related to unconfirmed allegations that DPW heavy equipment and parts were used for personal purposes.

The OPA requested that the A.G. look into the matter and investigate possible violations of the Standard of Conduct for Elected Officers, Appointed Officials and Public Employees of the Government of Guam. On September 25th the A.G. responded to the request via a letter that says the Guam Ethics Commission must first determine if there has been a violation of the Standard of Conduct before the Attorney General can “pursue legal or equitable remedies.” However, the A.G. writes that the Guam Ethics Commission “to date has not been empaneled to fulfill it’s responsibilities.”

The A.G. further writes that “Thus, your referral of audit findings for investigation and determination of possible ethics violations is hampered by the fact that the Guam Ethics Commission to date has not been empaneled to fulfill its responsibilities.” The A.G. ends the letter by saying that their Prosecution Division will independently review the matter.