A.G. says developments in DOC contraband case may affect proceedings


    A sentencing from a federal case, and pending plea agreements with other defendants could affect future court proceedings in the DOC contraband case.

    Guam – Developments in the case against the remaining 9 out of thirteen individuals indicted on charges related to the conspiracy to promote major prison contraband may affect the case according to Chief Prosecutor James Collins.

    The first development being, the sentencing of Shawn Paul Johnson in federal court. Johnson who was not present in court today, was sentenced yesterday to 71 months in prison. This sentence is cause for concern for the government. According to Collins, the impact his sentencing has on this case is still being determined. He emphasized the importance that the Superior Court ensure that writs for his appearance at court hearings be in place to ensure that Shawn is not transferred off island before being tried in this case.

    Collins also informed the court that a motion for discovery filed by Gerry Hocog’s attorney may also have some bearing citing that several of the attorneys representing the accused are also representing defendants in other cases related to the promotion of major prison contraband. As you may recall, Hocog is the only defendant to sever his case from the 13 indicted co-defendants.

    The next development is a motion filed by the government to disqualify attorney Curtis Van de Veld who represents former DOC head hauncho of internal affairs, Jeff Limo. According to Collins, Attorney James Maher will also be submitting documentation calling for the disqualification of Van de Veld. Maher was appointed by the court to represent Van de Veld’s former client Roxanne Hocog, Roxanne is one of three defendants to accept a plea agreement in this case.

    Then there is the motion to sever filed by Frankie Rosalin’s attorney, which according to Superior Court Judge Vernon Perez will be addressed shortly, he did note that the severance is not likely.

    Finally, according to Collins there are more plea agreements in the works which was confirmed by Attorney Terlaje who represents Ed Crisostomo and Attorney Howard Trapp who represents Paul Lynwood Johnson. Both attorneys anticipate resolution for their clients.

    A hearing has been set to address the motion to disqualify attorney Van de Veld on January 16, 2018.

    The next hearing for all defendants is tentatively set for January 31, 2018, before Judge Anita Sukola.

    SOURCEJolene Toves
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