A.G. Says FESTPAC Procurement Can’t Be Funneled Through Event Manager


Event coordinator was going to spend $4.2 million in FESTPAC funds even though their contract was for $800 thousand dollars.

Guam – The FESTPAC committee will not be allowed to bypass Guam procurement laws and funnel $4.2 million dollars in goods and services through a company hired to be their event coordinator.


 The Attorney General made it clear today(Fri.) that the contract for the event coordinator was only for $800 thousand dollars and anything above that would have to follow the normal procurement process. Senators Rory Respicio, Tina Muna Barnes and Tom Ada raised concerns with the way procurement was being handled by the FESTPAC committee. The committee was planning on allowing their event coordinator to essentially procure up to $4.2 million dollars worth of goods and services for FESTPAC. The senators were concerned that this was a way to circumvent the procurement process as the vendor namely Adztech would essentially be able to procure $4.2 million in goods and services on their own without putting out RFP’s. Adztech has a contract with GovGuam for $800 thousand dollars to plan manage and coordinate the event. The A.G. met with FESTPAC organizers and told them that Adztech would not be able to procure anything above and beyond their $800 thousand dollar contract. FESTPAC committee chairman Nate Denight told Patti Arroyo on Newstalk K57 this morning that they would be getting together today to figure out how to procure the rest of the goods and services needed for FESTPAC.