A Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure


Basilio Marsolo Omwere was charged with criminal mischief as a 3rd-degree felony and misdemeanor and indecent exposure as a misdemeanor.

Court documents say that earlier this week on October 5th, at around 9 am, police responded to a disturbance where Omwere lowered his shorts, exposed his genitals, and began to perform lewd acts. Allegedly, Omwe told Police that he denied doing any sexual acts but admitted to showing his genitals, saying, “I bet she liked what she saw.”

According to an official Magistrate’s report, on Mar 17th, Omwere intentionally damaged a vehicle of another by shooting projectiles from a slingshot.

In another incident, also on October 5th, court documents say that Omwere damaged the vehicle and house of another by throwing rocks.

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