A New Art Exibit by a Filipino American at the Consulate General

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Filipino-American artist Merc Tenorio is the first artist to be showcased in the six-month-long exhibit titled “Mga Sinang ng Sining” or Rays of Art.

Tenorio is a self-taught artist, songwriter, poet, former teacher, and disabled veteran.
Tenorio’s work showcased themes such as the ocean, the land, and greenery.

The exhibit shows the long-standing connection between and friendship between Guam and the Philippines; as Guam and the Philippines share a common history of colonization, similar cuisines, and a similar language.

Consul General, Honorable Patrick John Hilado gave details on the theme of the exhibit.

Hilado said, “We are very proud to celebrate the contributions of our Filipino-American artists to the friendship between Guam and the Philippines through the cultural works through their excellent talent and creativity.”

The exhibit will be ongoing from October 2022 to March 2023 and will feature different Filipino-American artists every month.

If you are interested in checking out the “Mga Sinang ng Sining” exhibit, you may visit the Philippine Consulate of Guam’s office located at the ITC Building, Suite 601.

Reach reporter Jannette Samson: jannette@spbguam.com