A New Plan for GTA


Telecom Indonesia announced today that it has reached a definitive agreement with GTA .  


A new plan is active for GTA as Telecom Indonesia announced, today, that it has reached a definitive agreement with GTA . Once the sale closes, GTA will become a part of Telkom’s portfolio of international operations. The acquisition will strengthen Telkom’s international portfolio which Includes Singapore, Hong-Kong, Australia, Taiwan, USA, Malaysia, Macau, Telin Timor-Leste and a branch in Myanmar.  Due to Guam’s geographically strategic location with most submarine cables routing from Asia to the US, telecom is very excited to bring GTA into the Telkom family as a hub of international traffic.

GTA states the acquisition will help accelerate growth to serve more customers with innovative products and will combine capabilities with existing business to deliver the next generation of telecommunications products and services. Telkom Indonesia states that they plan to improve the customer experience in Guam.


GTA claims customers should not experience any impact over the next year due to the sale of the business. After the sale closes, GTA will announce more details.