A number of businesses close as a result of executive order

A number of businesses had to close their doors by noon Friday to comply with the governor's order to prohibit social gatherings.

Because of an order issued by the governor Thursday, many businesses had to close their doors on Friday.

From beloved restaurants that would usually be busy and bustling with patrons eager to chat over lunch to movie theaters that would be packed with viewers excited to see their next movie to bars and bowling alleys and gyms — dozens of businesses — big and small — had to close their doors by noon Friday to comply with the governor’s order to prohibit social gatherings.

This mandate, Executive Order 2020-05, came to into effect yesterday and imposes “mandatory social isolation” to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on Guam.

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In accordance with the order, many restaurants, fitness centers, and entertainment centers had to close by 12 noon today until March 30th.

PNC got the chance to meet with a local small business owner who has been trying to brave today’s unpredictable economic climate. She says that her daily sales have been doing alright. Although food orders for parties, weddings, and other big events have either seen a decrease or been postponed due to concerns about the coronavirus.

“It’s definitely kinda scary for us because we know that the economy is definitely going down. It is already with a lot of people being laid off of work. We’ve had to tell a couple of our staff not to come in because of the situation. We’re just less busier. But we are just hoping that everyone takes precautions such as wearing a mask will also help or sanitizing doors each time the customers come in. Every time the customers come in, we sanitize the doors,” one small business owner said.

Given the ever-changing state of the situation, she adds that she is trying to remain calm.

“I’m not trying to panic. I know panicking will really make your immune system go down. So I’m just hoping for the best. I hope everyone stays safe,” she said.

In addition, this mandate is not a lockdown but a limitation.

Healthcare clinics, gas stations, and grocery and convenience stores, are some of the many businesses that will remain open. Residents will still be free to go out, buy takeout food, get medicine, and purchase supplies.