A once in a generation opportunity: Adelup rolls out multi-million dollar ‘life-changing’ ARP projects

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration on Tuesday officially rolled out the full utilization of the $570 million American Rescue Plan by launching the multi-million “Investment para Hamyo” program that the governor said will “maximize the life-changing power of federal funding” by investing in the community and the island’s future.

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“We have made the most balanced, fair, and fiscally responsible decisions to maximize this funding, not only for your individual benefit but for the benefit of our entire community,” the governor said.

The administration’s strategy involves investing in support for small businesses, tourism; agriculture, economic diversification; investing in a green economy; workforce development; health care, education, public safety, and all other areas affecting the community.

With the $570 million in American Rescue Plan funding, the governor said her administration will need to do two things.

“First, we need to make smart choices about where to spend this money and how to combine it with other funding sources to maximize its effectiveness and second, we need to make smart investments that take into account the stability of our island’s growth so that our community can truly move forward together,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added that no one can predict the future, but with thoughtful planning and careful choices, they can build a Guam that is more resilient and better suited to meet future tests with increased capability.

Among the projects are:

= Another $20 million in ARP funding into the hands of small business owners by way of the 2021 Guam Small Business Pandemic Assistance Program. This is in addition to the LEAP program, which matches $25 million in ARP funds with $25 million from the General Fund.

= Another $1.9 million in ARP funding to the island’s farmers in the form of grants to help them recover, and to add to the $200,000 in GEDA funds for its small business incubator program, to help those of who have taken the leap to launch their own businesses
during this pandemic.

= Another $1.8 million in ARP funding is allocated directly to small businesses in the form of rental assistance payments.

= $3.4 million in U.S. Department of Labor funding to help get our people back to work, by providing those seeking new jobs with free training programs like the GCC bootcamps, in fields ranging from ship repair to health care to cyber security.

= $20 million in ARP funds in GVB for the Reimagine Guam project to enhance Guam’s tourism profile and bring back our tourists, and $15 million to upgrade airport facilities because the airport is the first and last glimpse visitors see Guam.

= To strengthen and preserve the CHamorro culture, $15 million in combined DOD and ARP
funding to provide a new cultural heritage repository.

= $130 million in federal funding for child care programs of which $80 million will be used next year to launch a program to provide child care assistance to every working family in need with children aged 13 and below.

= $ 3.5 million for the hiring of 75 new police officers to protect and serve the community and $9 million for their new communications system and $3.5 million in DOI funding is being planned for a new Evidence Building.

= And the biggest allocation is a combined total of $263 million in ARP, Defense Department, and local financing earmarked for a new Medical Campus in Mangilao that will house a new GMH, public health center, public health laboratory, and new buildings for the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center and DISID. This new campus will be more centrally located so that those who live in the north and the south will have expanded access to health care, as well as those who live in the central part of our island.


The above allocations are just some of the total money allocated in the “Investment Para Hamyo” project.

According to the governor, Investment para Hamyo mobilizes all of the administration’s financial resources — American Rescue Plan funding, as well as other federal grants, bonds, and local funds for broader investment in economic growth, tourism, health care, education, public services, public safety, infrastructure, and the island environment.

“These are just some of the highlights of our very comprehensive plan to invest in you, our people, in programs to help you recover from this pandemic and then islandwide efforts to forge a new path toward economic success. As we mentioned earlier, we are combining $570 million of AARP funding with federal and in some cases with local resources in order to reach into every corner of need for our people,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added: “As we approach the holiday season, we give thanks for having made it through the crisis of the past year by working together. We are thankful to and grateful for every one of our frontliners, who have selflessly served our people over the past 20 months and we are grateful to you, our people, for having taken care of one another throughout this pandemic. Investment para Hamyo is a framework to continue to care and to work together to build the better that we all deserve and envision for the future.”

Click on the PDF below to read the governor’s full speech:

TRANSCRIPT_ Investment Para Hamyo_11_23_2021