A Series of Bills were Introduced to Aid Victims of Abuse


To aid victims of abuse, a series of bills were introduced by Senator Mary Camacho Torres.

Those series of bills had a public hearing earlier today.

Reporting on the hearing is PNC’s, Khyomara Santana.

Leevin Camacho, Attorney General of Guam said,  “Seventy percent of the (domestic violence) victims that were screened were identified as high-risk and two-thirds of them identified that the perpetrator used other means to control who they talk to and where they went. And I think that these types of orders will help empower victims to give them the ability to leave potentially dangerous situations,”

If enacted, bill 312, one of the bills talked about during today’s hearing, would prevent abusers from cutting off or changing the coverage of basic needs of victims, such as health, homeowner or automobile insurance; utility services, child support, and other necessary services.

Senator Torres said that this measure seeks to advance the economic rights of domestic violence survivors in protection order proceedings.

Torres added, “As too many of us are aware, victims are often forced to stay in abusive relationships due to financial constraints or other economic concerns”

The measure was discussed during a public hearing this morning, where different government agencies expressed their support for this bill.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center, I’m Khyomara Santana.

Tune in tomorrow as PNC’s Khyomara Santana gives more information on what was talked about during today’s public hearing


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