After the Theft of Thanksgiving Meal, Donations Fill the Freezer At J.Q. San Miguel


Guam – After the community learned that JQ San Miguel Elementary school’s Thanksgiving feast was stolen over the weekend. They rallied together to help the children celebrate this holiday. Now they are truly thankful.

Three schools, George Washington High school, St Francis and JQ San Miguel were all burglarized over this past weekend. Slowly the word got out that JQ San Miguel cafeteria was broken into and the schools thanksgiving feast was stolen.

Outside JQ San Miguel,there is no evidence that there was a force entry to the main door of the cafeteria. But inside, the sliding cafeteria window appears to be forced open.

According to JQ San Miguel Cook John Taijeron, everything appeared to look normal inside the cafeteria until it was time to prep the Turkey and ham for Wednesdays Thanksgiving lunch for the children. That’s when he noticed that the turkey and the other food inside the freezer was missing.

Taijeron says, “That’s when they realized that someone broke into their kitchen and stole the kids Thanksgiving meal. According to Taijeron , after the cafeteria supervisor Silvia Leon Guerrero learned what had happened, she decided to go to the store, using her own money to replace all of the food that was stolen.

San Miguel Principal Rosella Campos says she is surprised on how the community rallied around the school during this crises.

Campos says, “Its really amazing how people all the people came together to help us. We are just thankful that they donated for us.”

One community member who helped San Miguel was Menes Chee. Chee has been a member of this community for the past 30 years. When he heard that the student’s food was taken, he felt heavy hearted and wanted to help his neighbors. Chee decided to donated $500 dollars to the school so the children could continue to celebrate their Thanksgiving Feast.

Chee says, “I helped them, its not big, just something that I could afford. I gave $500 dollars to help them. Now they are happy, I’m happy and everybody is happy. Now the students and the teachers will be able to celebrate the holiday together.

Members of JQ San Miguel are grateful that the community helped them

Taijeron says this is truly a thankful day and we can have a Thanksgiving Feast for the children .

Campos says, “Its an out pour of love, kindness and generosity from our community. This will be an unforgettable Thanksgiving for JQ San Miguel and wants to thank everyone who helped them.”