Attorney General Can Not Comment on Pangelinan Concerns Over Refund Reserve Fund


Guam – The Guam Attorney General says they can not comment on the Department of Administration’s failure to make timely deposits into the income tax refund reserve fund.


The AG was responding to the latest appeal from Senator Ben Pangelinan to take action against the DOA over its alleged non-compliance with the law requiring deposits to the reserve fund.

The AG’s statement says they have previously informed Senator Pangelinan that his concerns about the reservation provisions are part of  ongoing litigation in the Paeste vs GovGuam.

As a result the AG says they cannot comment.

READ the AG’s Statement in FULL below:

Senator Ben Pangelinan has previously contacted the Office of the Attorney General about claims that DOA has not complied with certain provisions of the income tax refund laws of Guam which include those related to reserving certain amounts of revenues for refunds in a separate account.

The OAG has informed Senator Pangelinan that the issues and concerns he has about the income tax refund laws and the reservation provision are included in the current income tax refund litigation Paeste, et al v. Government of Guam, et al.

As such, these issues may be dealt with in federal court and the rights of citizens with regard to the income tax refund laws may be addressed by the outcomes of this case.

The OAG cannot comment further due to this pending litigation. However,  Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas shares Senator Pangelinan’s general desire to protect the citizens of Guam.