Abandoned Vehicles Program Delayed Again; Funds To Be Transferred From GEPA


Guam- It was off to a good start, but the Abandoned Vehicles Program is delayed yet again.

Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman, who is in chairing the mayors’ council project, says they are awaiting the transfer of funds from the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA). Hoffman mentions the delay in the funds is due to the transition of a new fiscal year. He also expresses the need to re-do Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) after running into chain of command problems with the program in Santa Rita.

“So we’re waiting for the allotments from EPA to be transferred to the Mayors’ Council” said Hoffman. “At the same time, we did meet with GSA, EPA, Balli Steel…all the involved parties…and what we want to do is create kind of an SOP on how to move forward from here.”

All parties involved met at Senator Tina Muna Barnes’ office Tuesday morning on how to make the program more efficient. The senator says the plan is to still service north, central, and southern villages at the same time.

“The mayors are trying to work on a 3 prong approach” said Barnes. “But we do know what’s confirmed right now is the village of Barrigada. Their idea of a North, Central, South 3 prong approach is still being worked on, so we continue to move forward.”

Hoffman and Barnes also say a better education campaign on the program needs to happen because people have been throwing their household trash with the recyclable materials. Meanwhile, no date has been confirmed on when the program will start in Barrigada.