Abandoned Vehicles Program Moves On To Barrigada


Guam- The Abandoned Vehicles Program moves on to the village of Barrigada.

A ceremony was held Thursday at the Barrigada Community Center where Senator Tina Muna Barnes, the Mayors’ Council, Balli Steel and Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) revealed statistics about collection efforts so far. Over 173 tires, 110 vehicles, 36 refrigerators and other white goods have been collected. Sinajana Vice Mayor Robert Hofmann and Senator Barnes say they are awaiting word from the General Services Agency (GSA) so they can hire more sub contractors to service more villages.

“We look forward to GSA opening up that bid so we can get more subcontractors on board so we can do that tri-village approach” said Hofmann. “That’s the dream and wishes of the Mayors’ Council.”

Barnes also chimed in saying, “You know what? It just took a commitment with some facilitation bringing all the stakeholders and I just want to thank all those involved that we are working to have one green Guam and one clean Guam.”

The program is expected to be in Barrigada about 4 to 5 weeks before it moves on to the next village. About $1.4 million dollars is available to keep everything running smoothly.