Abandoned Vehicles Program Reaches Barrigada


Guam -The Abandoned Vehicles Program is in Barrigada starting today [Monday].

Guam Environmental Protection Agency Air & Land Administrator Conchita Taitano and Recycling Officer Sabrina Sablan say they will spend about 6 weeks with the Mayors’ Council in that village. They also are working on getting a contractor available to collect household hazardous waste. Taitano and Sablan also say under $2 million dollars is available for the project, which will eventually serve 3 villages at a time.

“Alot of people want this project. People need it” said Taitano. “And considering the fact that people of Guam paid in advance every time they registered their vehicles, they deserve this. And Guam EPA very, very please to be a partner with the Mayors’ Council of Guam on this project”

Sablan also remarked on the 3 prone approach that is planned to service the villages. “They want to go into the Northern, Southern and Central all simultaneously, and we’re still working toward that. We’re just trying to work out details with the heavy equipment contractors.”

A press conference is being planned later this week on the program reaching Barrigada. For more information, contact the Mayors’ Council of Guam.