Abandoned Vehicles Program Will Restart Monday In Santa Rita


Guam- After several months of delays, the Abandoned Vehicles Program will finally start up again.

Mayors’ Council Executive Director Angel Sablan says they finally got all the stakeholders on board and have $300 thousand dollars to kick things off. He mentions the program will begin in the village of Santa Rita on Monday and recommends for those residents to register with the mayor’s office to authorize their junk to be picked up. He adds even if it takes up to a year to complete the program, their goal is to get junk cars, metals, white goods, tires and batteries off the island.

“We worked out the kinks. We’re going to go back to Santa Rita this coming Monday 11 am and we’re going to stay in Santa Rita until we clean out Santa Rita” said Sablan. “This may take 3 or 4 weeks, but we’re going to do it. And then we’re going to go into the other villages. Sometime in October, we’re going to start a tri-village program: northern, central and southern, 3 villages at a time. And hopefully within a year, we got almost all the vehicles that are junk leaving this island, and metals and white goods, tires and batteries.”

For those of you who cannot wait for the program to reach your village, Sablan says to go to your village mayor and ask for “Basula Bucks”. This voucher can be used to drop off your metals or recyclable items at Global Recycling. Sablan explains that instead of customers being charged to get rid of junk, the Mayors Council will be paying for this service.