About 200 Children Immunized at Back to School Clinic

If you were wondering why the Micronesia Mall had a line of residents out the door, it’s because they’re making sure their children are getting the needed shots required for school.

Guam – It’s back to school season! Residents around the island are preparing for the first day of school for DOE students from buying uniforms, to getting the needed school supplies, to making sure their children are up to date with their shots.


DPHSS Immunization Program Manager Annette Aguon says, “With Guam law, there is a school requirement for immunizations so the back to school outreach is focused for 4 to 18 years of age. So in order to register for school, there are vaccines that are required. There is a skin test, it’s not a vaccine, but it’s also required for first time entering to school. That’s also something we also provide at the same time.” 
Department of Public Health and Social Services Immunization Program Manager Annette Aguon explains why it’s so important to make sure children are up to date with their shots. 
Aguon says, “It’s very important for vaccination because it’s the best way to prevent certain illnesses. We still have our ongoing pertussis outbreak. We just reported two cases in the last weeks. It’s been ongoing for a few months so it’s something we want to prevent further spreading especially school year starting, they’re in close quarters. We see a lot of illnesses because hygiene is not the best, they like to share things, we have to remind them about cough etiquette so it’s something to protect the students, families and staff and faculty at other schools.” 
Aguon says they serviced 200 children today from ages 4 to 18 and made sure they received all the shots required for school. 


If you missed the Back to School Immunization Clinic, please call DPHSS at 735-7143.