Accomondations Being Made for Voters who Need it

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)

As voters who might need any extra assistance can get different accommodations to assist with the voting process.

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With early voting for the Primary election currently being conducted over at the Westin Guam, Maria Pangelinan, the Guam Election Commission executive director shares that voting facilities have set up accommodations at the Westin, for those who need easy access.

In an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Pangelinan gave further detail on the accommodations made for the visually impaired, which includes the Universal Express Vote machine.

The Vote Machine will allow individuals who are visually impaired to vote independently. She added, ” The vision impaired can vote independently on that machine. We have headsets, some things are in braille, I mean it’s in braille , there’s braille markings all over , our staff are ready to assist and they can vote independently.”

Currently, GEC is using the most current firmware, and with the Express Vote machine, they are marking the devices but do not record.

According to Pangelinan, as of this election season there are not enough machines to be placed at every precinct.

Moreover, Pangelinan added that individuals cannot use express vote machines in villages that they are registred in.

However, GEC will make accommodations to assist the voter as the machine is portable.

Director Pangelinan said, “What we’ve done in the past is accommodate our voter who happens to be in the specific precinct so we make arrangements ahead of time to go to that precinct and be there when she’s there.”

For those using the motor voter method, Pangelinan highly suggests visiting Gec.Guam.Gov to check where you are registered to vote before going to the machine as you might be turned away.

Additionally, Westin is open for registration until next week, August 17th, on Tuesday and Thursday.

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