Yap’s Acting AG shot dead; FBI helping with investigation

Rachelle Bergeron, assistant Attorney General of the State of Yap, was shot dead on Monday, Oct 14 (Photo from the Yap State Government Public Information Service)

In regional news, the Federated State of Micronesia government has confirmed that an investigation has been launched on the shooting death of the Acting Attorney General of Yap.

“The FSM National Government is able to confirm that Rachelle Bergeron, a U.S. citizen working for the FSM State of Yap as the State’s Acting Attorney General, is recently deceased as the result of an alleged homicide. The State of Yap, with the assistance of the FSM Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, is coordinating efforts to complete a thorough investigation,” the FSM government said in a statement issued to PNC.

Bergeron first arrived in Yap from the US in 2015, taking up the position of assistant attorney general before being promoted to acting attorney general in January.

Meanwhile, the FBI on Guam confirmed that they will be assisting with the investigation, with FBI spokeswoman Michelle Ernst informing PNC that the bureau will send a team to Yap tonight.

Radio New Zealand reported earlier today about the shooting, which allegedly occurred last night.

Quoting Yap police spokesperson Ryan Fratmag, RNZ reported that Bergeron was shot by a single suspected shooter.

Among the Pacific Islands, Yap is known for its weapons prohibition statute which makes it illegal to own a gun. Only law enforcement officers are allowed to own guns.