Acting Governor Ray Tenorio Meets with Representatives of Australia’s RSPCA


Guam – Acting Governor Ray Tenorio took time to meet with representatives of Australia’s RSPCA Friday afternoon. 

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has been providing Guam Animals In Need assistance in the way of grants, equipment, and education. 

WSPA offered to send training officers from RSPCA to Guam after the legislature passed Macon’s Law making animal cruelty a felony.  WSPA provided the airfare and lodging expenses for two RSPCA representatives to come to Guam and provide follow-up training and sharing with Guam governmental and non-governmental agencies responsible for animal control services.

[Australia’s RSPCA representatives met with Acting Governor Ray Tenorio to discuss animal control issues on Guam.  From left: GAIN Board Vice President Valerie Bock, Acting Governor Ray Tenorio, RSPCA Trainer Justin Palazo-Orr, and RSPCA Chief Inspector-Operations Daniel Young.]

“Guam has two major problems that need to be addressed regarding animals on our island,” the acting Governor Tenorio said.  “The first is our severe stray animal problem.  The second is animal cruelty. Education is the key in helping people understand responsible pet ownership.  It includes sterilizing our pets and providing them fresh water, food, and shelter.  I am glad to say that animal cruelty will no longer be tolerated and I applaud the people who’ve been calling the Department of Agriculture Animal Control Services or GAIN to report animal abuse when they witness it.”

Justin Palazzo-Orr, RSPCA Trainer has been working with the GAIN employees since last Saturday at the Yigo animal shelter.  Training centered on methods used to make shelter animals more “adoptable.”    Daniel Young, RSPCA Chief Inspector – Operations spent some quality time with the Department of Agriculture Animal Control Officers.  Young said,”Guam certainly has some unique challenges when it comes to animal control but, nothing that can’t be overcome.  I’m impressed with the passion of the people working at the shelter.  They really care about what they’re doing.”