Acting Police Chief Bordallo Gets Widespread Support During Confirmation Hearing


Guam- Also receiving testimony on Monday for his confirmation hearing was Acting Police Chief Fred Bordallo. Surrounded by his family, friends and colleagues, Bordallo told lawmakers it wasn’t a difficult decision to apply for the position.

“My decision to apply for the the position of Chief of Police was not a difficult one because I knew I would have the support of my family, friends and employees of the Guam Police Department that I have worked for over 25 years” said Bordallo.

In fact, Attorney Mike Phillips and former police chief, Captain Paul Suba, were just some of the people that testified strongly in support of him. While Suba acknowledged Bordallo did testify against him when he was the police chief, he hopes that people overall support Bordallo, especially in times of crisis.

“What I’m hoping is that there will be support” said Suba. “God forbid, there will be other situations where the law enforcement officers behind me and out there, besides GPD…public safety in general, have to take action.”

Bordallo says under his leadership, the island can expect a more aggressive traffic control and enforcement campaign. He also plans to strengthen the partnership between GPD, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Civil Defense and the community.