VIDEO: Acting Police Chief Orders Drug Sweeps of All GovGuam Offices


Guam – Acting Guam Police Chief, Col. Maurice Sayama ordered  “drug sweeps” of all GovGuam agencies starting today with GPD.

The first drug sweep was carried out at the Chief’s Office in Tiyan. The media was invited to witness the launch of the program at 9am.

Guam Customs Spokesman Lt. Ferdinand Soriano said that no illicit drugs were found during today’s sweeps.

Sayama said all GovGuam agencies would be subject to drug searches, without warning. The governor’s office consented to the government-wide drug sweeps, says Sayama, but it’s up to GPD to decide when and where to carry them out.

Sayama said he ordered the sweeps himself, starting at GPD’s headquarters with a search of the Chief of Police office followed by a sweep of Internal Affairs, then the Criminal Investigative Section, and other divisions in Tiyan.

Sayama said the “drug sweeps” would be a collective effort by GPD’s SIS Narcotics Unit and Customs and Quarantine’s K-9 Drug Unit.

Drug sweeps will also be conducted today at one of GPD’s police precincts, however, Sayama would not say which one.

Sayama emphasized that the drug sweeps he ordered are not prompted by any particular event or suspicious activity by any employees.

He says the reason for the inpsections is simply to demonstrate GPD’s commitment to a drug-free environment.