Acting Port GM Says Hole in F4 Pier Is Not a Danger & Won’t Impact Operations


Guam – Acting Port Authority of Guam GM Felix Pangelinan says that the hole in the F4 pier at the Port Authority of Guam is not going to affect operations and will not pose a danger to any equipment or personnel at the port.



 Thursday PNC received a picture of a hole in a small section of cement at the F4 pier near the gantry crane rails. Pangelinan says that the area has been cordoned off and he says that they will be able to work around the hole. Pangelinan says that during their last upgrade a contractor put in new domestic water lines but the contractor didn’t compact the cement well enough. Pangelinan says the work is still under warranty and he says they have contacted the contractor to fix the hole. Although the hole is near the gantry rail Pangelinan says the rails and gantry cranes are not in any danger. Meanwhile, Pangelinan also says that they still only have two top lifters in operation. He says the third top lifter should be repaired in two weeks. Pangelinan says there currently is no backlog at the port.