Acting Speaker Muna-Barnes Meets With Pfannenstiel


Guam –  Acting Speaker Tina Muña Barnes, with several legislative colleagues, attended a meeting Thursday morning with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel. As Acting Speaker of the I Mina’ Trenta Na Liheslaturan Guåhan, Muña Barnes reiterated that first and foremost, the government and the

community of Guam are united against any further land condemnation or land acquisition by the military.
Additionally, Muna Barnes asserted that the outstanding issues raised in Resolution 275 and reaffirmed in Resolution 444 must be addressed before the military buildup move forward. Muña Barnes emphatically stated, “the people of Guam have sacrificed for the good of the United States and deserve war reparations, compact impact aid, and the cleanup of environmental hazards created by the military before any new impositions are put upon us. Guam’s community has fully participated in this build up effort in good faith and as outlined in NEPA and NHPA. We expect the same of DoD.”
Muña Barnes cites the lack of consideration given to statements submitted in the DEIS hearings, the single hearing for the Programmatic Agreement which only occurred when Guam’s community pressured DoD to comply with the National Historic Preservation Act, and the refusal to consider sites other than Pågat for a firing range complex as evidence of DoD’s refusal to take Guam’s needs into consideration.
The Acting Speaker does recognize the sincere efforts of Assistant Secretary Pfannenstiel and commends her desire to engage in a more interpersonal relationship with all of Guam’s leadership. Muña Barnes states, “this dialogue must be continued in order to achieve positive resolutions for the community of Guam. Only with sincere dialogue will we recognize what has happened in the past, what needs to be done for today to secure a better future for us all.”