Action PAC announces candidate endorsements

Laura Dacanay, the executive director of Action Pac, said the group is a nonprofit, political action committee that was formed to affect change in government.

Action PAC, the newly formed political action committee representing business organizations on Guam, has announced the slate of senatorial candidates that it will endorse in the upcoming general election.

According to Laura Dacanay, the executive director of Action Pac, the candidates were chosen based on their positions on the following five key issues: decreasing the size of the Government of Guam; improving transparency in all levels of the Government of Guam; supporting the military build-up; supporting a part-time legislature, and rolling back the BPT from 5% to 4% immediately.

According to Dacanay, only 50 percent of candidates replied to their survey and only 27 percent of incumbent senators responded.

Of the candidates who responded, 27 percent were Democrat and 73 percent were Republican.

This percentage is evident in the final list of senators that Action PAC chose to endorse which included only two Democrats and only four incumbents.

The senatorial candidates that Action PAC will endorse are:

Tony Ada (R)
John Ananich (D)
Michele Armenta (R)
Frank Blas Jr. (R)
Vincent Borja (R)
Joseph Cruz (R)
Chris Duenas (R)
Ken Leon Guerrero (R)
James Moylan (R)
Telo Taitague (R)
Therese Terlaje (D)
Mary Torres (R)