Action PAC says they’re not working against governor’s re-election

George Chiu, another Action PAC official, stressed that it's not an "us versus them" situation.

The newly formed political action committee organized by several business groups on island said they are not working against Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s re-election.

Christine Baleto, the chair of the Guam Chamber of Commerce and an official of the newly formed Action PAC, said they are not targeting the governor.

“That is not our intention. This PAC is about this upcoming election, looking at the legislative candidates, understanding their views on supporting these initiatives that are important to us and supporting those candidates that we believe are going to help us to make the most impactful change rebuilding our economy,” Baleto said during today’s news conference launching the new PAC.

She added: “We understand that the governor is making many tough decisions and she’s prioritizing health. But what is our legislature doing for our community to help us be ready to recover? And so really the focus right now is on the upcoming November election, and again with the legislative candidates.”

George Chiu, another Action PAC official, stressed that it’s not an “us versus them” situation.

“It’s a ‘we’ situation. We need to work together with our elected officials, including the governor. We need to find a way to get this community back on his feet. So it’s not like we’re going after somebody for their actions. I will tell you right now, I respect the governor. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes right now. It’s a very, very tough situation to be in and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” Chiu said.

He added: “We’re not looking at what’s happening in the past, we want to look forward and try to work together again. The key word is together. Collaborate, have transparency, and find a way to move forward. Again, it’s not just to get the business community back on his feet, but to get the entire community back on its feet.”