Active monsoon will continue this week; expect rain, flooding

(PNC file photo)

A very active monsoon over the weekend will continue into this new week, according to the National Weather Service.

Paul Stanko, NWS senior forecaster, told the Patti Arroyo show over NewsTalk K57 that showers, thunderstorms, gusty winds, high seas and surf will continue for a couple more days.

“The monsoon trough will generate the wet season. We’ll be in the monsoon trough for a few days. But this is normal in August,” Stanko said.

Tropical Storm Francisco, well to Guam’s north and heading for Japan, remains no threat to the Marianas region.

Tropical Depression Lekima, well to Guam’s west, will likely become a tropical storm later this morning as it continues away from the Marianas.

“But both pose no threat to Guam,” Stanko said.

Finally, NWS is watching another circulation just north of Saipan for possible development. Models generally favor development over the next couple days but based on timing and position, this new development will be no direct threat to the Marianas.

However, these features will work to strengthen the monsoon over the region, keeping gusty winds, showers and thunderstorms in place the next few days.

Much of Guam has seen between 5 and 8 inches of rain since Friday. Soils are becoming saturated and additional heavy rainfall could trigger flash flooding.

Current radar and satellite trends show showers quickly filling in over the region. Ritidian buoy shows combined seas have climbed up to 11 feet.

Small craft and high surf advisories remain in effect for Guam, the CNMI, Palau, Yap and Chuuk.