Activist group seeks meeting with governor to discuss UN report on Chamorro rights violations


The activist group Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian wants to meet with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to discuss the report submitted by the United Nations to the U.S. Government concerning serious human rights violations suffered by the indigenous Chamorro people of Guam.

The group submitted the letter to the governor, requesting to meet with her to discuss the implications of the report.

Naek Flores, PLSR core member, said: “We think it’s really important that she review the document and understand the evidence that’s been presented by Atty. Julian Aguon and Prutehi Litekyan as well as the evidence that’s been reviewed and also legitimized by the United Nations Special Rapporteurs.”

Flores hopes that governor can work with the Department of Defense and Joint Region Marianas to put a pause on two programmatic agreement projects that are open for public comment.

“J011 is a proposal to build an administrative and communication building while J025 is a proposal to build a medical and dental clinic and these two construction sites actually impact the ancient village of Magua and the burials of our ancestors,” Flores said.

She added: “The military will say that they’ve done everything they’ve needed to do to engage the indigenous Chamorro community and that’s simply not true. Calling for public comments, having these scoping meetings, pointing out these mitigation plans, these public access plans that are truly not, they don’t encompass all of our issues and all of our concerns and all of the harm that’s really taking place. In fact, they skew the law to benefit the military and all they’re doing is checking off boxes to say they’re taking all the steps to engage with our community.”

Flores says that the construction projects continue to move forward despite the petitions, comments, and protests by local residents.

She still encourages the public to provide their comments and will post updates soon on their social media sites.

The group will also post comments made by others in the community so they can use and submit on their behalf to the military

Prutehi Litekyan has not heard a response from the Governor’s Office yet but has sent a follow-up e-mail.


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