Ada Frustrated By Lack Of Urgency Over School Bus Crisis


Guam – Senator Tom Ada, Chairperson on the Committee on Transportation and Public Works, feels that GovGuam is not working hard enough to address the on going school bus shortage.

On August 20th, Ada spearheaded a round table discussion with members of legislature, DPW and the public in hopes of resolve the immediate problems with DPW’s school buses. But according to Ada, nothing has been done to alleviate the bus problem. He is still concerned that out of the 211 school buses in DPW’s fleet,  but only 40% are operating. Ada says some buses have gone three years without having an oil change.

Ada says of those 88 buses that are down, 60 % of them are down because of engine failure, is that because they did not change the oil and the oil filter, I’m not a mechanic but I certainly would know what would happen to my vehicle if I ran it for 3 years without changing the oil.

Monday night Ada held an over site hearing at 6PM at the Guam legislature’s public hearing room. He says this meeting addressed the immediate relief needed for the current bus shortage.