Adelup committed to maintaining homeless shelter even without CARES Act funding

The Global Dorm government of Guam homeless facility in Maite. (PNC file photo)

With isolation at home being one of the major tools used to slow the community spread of the coronavirus, the homeless are especially vulnerable.

The Global Dorm was created for just that reason.

But with CARES Act funds set to expire and a second federal relief bill up in the air, how much longer will it be able to operate?

The Global Dorm was created to provide a non-congregate shelter to protect the homeless from the community spread of COVID-19.

Although the program has drawn on CARES Act funds, Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio says the end of the CARES Act doesn’t spell the end for the Global Dorm.

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Tenorio says he and the governor have instructed the Bureau of Budget Management and Research to utilize any and all resources to keep the Global Dorm going, regardless of whether the CARES Act or other federal resources are available.

He says other funding streams are available such as non-appropriated discretionary funds from the Department of the Interior, program funds from FEMA as well as local funds.

“If there were no CARES Act, we would always find a way. This is a commitment that the governor and I feel strongly about. We’ll take advantage of opportunities to try and get it done..and try and bridge the path until we stabilize things in the rest of the government,” Tenorio said.

Adelup is currently working with the Department of the Interior to acquire a new shelter with more space and amenities.